A friend of Global Village is a friend to artisans, makers, and farmers around the world. Click the DONATE NOW link to give to our “Lighting the Way to Making a Difference” campaign.


For the past 33 years, Global Village has been a socially conscious Fair Trade nonprofit, working to alleviate the global economic imbalance by doing our part to educate our community and to provide opportunities for people around the world.

Our store is FULL of success stories from women, children and men from developing countries. The items we sell represent freedom, hope, opportunity, respect, and confidence for the artisans who have created or grown each piece from over 30 different countries. At Global Village we provide the Billings community and much of Montana with a local access point to make a global impact.

Global Village’s annual spring fundraiser was cancelled this year because of COVID-19. We are asking the Billings Community to give as they would have if they had attended this fundraiser in person. Here are some of the ways you can contribute to assist us in meeting our fundraising goals for this year: 

Ticket cost = $45 per personDonations that impact the world
Raffle = $5 each
Heads/Tails = $10 per person
Sponsorship = $100 – $500



All donors will be invited to a special live Zoom discussion with one of our newest vendors to learn firsthand how their product is making a difference with livable wages in their country.

Thank you for your donation and for joining us “Lighting the Way to Making a Difference!”

To see some of the items we provide in the store, from over 30 different countries, to support artisans for a livable wage, click here! Perfect gifts for any occasion.