Our Fair Trade baskets brighten any room while organizing, decluttering, and hiding items in your spaces. We have baskets from Africa, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Cambodia. They come in all shapes and sizes.

Handmade in Bangladesh and available in Small, Medium, & Large.


Ultramarine Bucket is a beautiful rich color and great for blankets or shoes.

Small Chindi basket is available in bright spring colors!

The Large Chindi basket is available is rich colored fabric.

Rainbow bucket will brighten any room!

These baskets are soft yet structural. Great for storing craft supplies like yarn and knitting.

Beautifully handwoven in Uganda.

This large capacity mutlicolored boat basket is perfect for shopping. It was made in Ghana.

This beautiful decorative basket was handmade in Uganda.

These oval-shaped, wrapped baskets are perfect for everyday use and were handmade in Bangladesh.

This round Tembe basket has a beautiful color and so useful for keeping fruit and items off the table. Handmade from Ghana.

This smaller, decorative basket has been made by certified skilled workers in eSwatini.

This sunburst tray is sturdy, useful, and a conversation starter when hosting a small group. It was made in Uganda.

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